Sales & Trading

Our Equity Sales & Trading group of more than 70 professionals serves equity investors, delivering institutional sales and trading services to more than 1,400 institutional accounts in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our clients include mutual funds, hedge funds, money managers, endowments, foundations, banks, insurance companies and pension and profit-sharing plans.

The Equity Sales team at FBR has a highly effective, differentiated distribution capability based on long-standing relationships with a wide cross-section of institutional capital markets clients. Our team is distinguished by an in-depth understanding of the companies and industries on which we focus. As a result, we rank as one of the largest distributors of the shares of small- and mid-cap companies in public and private securities offerings. The Sales team also works closely with FBR’s research analysts to identify single stock ideas that fit a client’s portfolio objectives, as well as provide clients the most up-to-date information and perspective on macro themes and industry trends.

Our Equity Trading teams have deep trading expertise aligned with the areas of focus in which our Investment Banking and Research teams specialize. We actively trade on behalf of clients and make markets in almost 1,400 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange  and NASDAQ markets and trade more than $75 billion of securities on a per annum basis. In addition to active trading in listed securities markets, we are also a market-maker of over-the-counter securities, and deploy capital to help our key clients get the speed and efficiency of executions they need.

Additionally, our securities lending group maintains relationships with a broad spectrum of banks and broker dealers to accomplish the sourcing, loaning and borrowing of equity and fixed income securities. They add high value to our clients through decisive execution and the efficient facilitation of the settlement process.