Our roots as a firm are in research – it is at the core of our corporate culture. We understand the important role that quality research plays in the institutional brokerage process, and we seek to differentiate ourselves through originality of perspective, depth of insight and our ability to uncover industry trends.

Our research team  provides differentiated research that identifies the key issues across our sectors that matter to the market.  This is accomplished, in part, through our proprietary Debate TM framework.  This approach is based on the idea that future stock performance is best forecasted by pinpointing a few very select and crucial debatable points for each company. FBR analysts spend their research efforts identifying the few debatable points that matter and then doing the deep research to understand how each issue will unfold.  FBR has trademarked “The Debate,” which is institutionalized for every company under coverage. This framework helps our analysts provide the pertinent and differentiated research our clients need.

The equity analysts focus their expertise within dedicated industry groups aligned with institutional trading and investment banking.  In addition, our presence in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area enables us to offer clients a unique perspective on legislatively influenced issues through our Washington Policy Analysis – a team of experienced analysts and Capitol Hill veterans specializing in timely analysis of the ways in which regulatory and legislative trends and events affect market sectors and individual companies.


Specialty Retail & Apparel

Diversified Industrials

Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace & Defense
Building Materials
Engineering & Construction
Government IT
Specialty Contracting

Energy & Natural Resources

Alternative Energy
Energy Policy
Energy Strategy
Master Limited Partnerships
Oil & Gas E&P
Oilfield Services

Financial Services

Aircraft Lessors
Commercial Finance
Consumer Finance
Financial Policy
Mortgage Companies
Mortgage REITs
Specialty Finance
Specialty REITs


Healthcare Policy


Mortgage Insurers

Real Estate

Healthcare REITs
Multifamily REITs
Self-Storage REITs
Single-Family REITs
Specialty REITs
Student Housing REITs
Triple-Net REITs

Technology, Media & Telecom

Content & Distribution
Enterprise Software
Telecom Services

Washington Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

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Research Coverage

FBR Capital Markets & Co. (“FBR” or “we”) provides research coverage of hundreds of companies, which is a just small fraction of the thousands of companies who have issued securities, whether publicly or privately.  As such, FBR, like every other research firm, must focus its time, effort, and resources on those sectors and companies that interest investors and for which FBR can provide value added insight and analysis.

  • While FBR generally provides research coverage of companies for whom it has provided investment banking services, as well as other companies that offer an opportunity to generate investment returns for our clients, ongoing coverage of any company is determined by, among other things, investor interest and FBR’s ongoing relationship with a company or a sector.
  • Decisions to initiate, suspend, resume, or discontinue research coverage are made by research department management, who can obtain input from other personnel at the firm, including those involved in sales and trading and investment banking, in accordance with FINRA rules.
  • The mix of companies FBR covers may change to correspond to market developments and the interests of our clients. FBR is continually assessing its research coverage to provide investors the most up to date investment ideas.
Research is provided by FBR Capital Markets & Co.(FBRC) Research department, which is independent from the Investment Banking departments of FBRC & MLV and has the sole authority to determine which companies receive research coverage and the recommendation contained in the coverage. In the normal course of its business, FBRC & MLV seek to perform investment banking and other fee generating services for companies that are the subject of FBRC research reports. Research analysts are eligible to receive bonus compensation that is based on FBR’s overall operating revenues, including revenues generated by FBRC’s & MLV’s Investment Banking departments. Specific information is contained in each research report concerning FBRC’s relationship with the company that is the subject of the report.


Alex Rygiel

Director of Research