Our Story

FBR was founded in 1989 when Emanuel J. Friedman, Eric F. Billings, and W. Russell Ramsey borrowed $1 million to launch a research and securities trading firm specializing in the financial services industry. Hundreds of miles from Wall Street, these three entrepreneurs and 15 other employees established one of the most successful startups in the securities industry in the last half century.

Early on, we developed a disciplined approach to corporate analysis focusing on intrinsic value; an approach that critically examines the capital structure of companies as well as the competitive and growth opportunities within industry sectors. This discipline remains a core element of our corporate culture and is applied in our published research, investing ideas, and underwriting decisions.

In 2007, FBR & Co. (NASDAQ:FBRC) was spun out from its former parent as an independent investment bank. In its brief history, FBR has grown from a regional boutique firm with a primary focus in financial institutions into a highly regarded investment bank with broad national coverage across many industries including consumer, energy, healthcare, industrials, insurance, and technology sectors.

FBR adds value by understanding the dynamics driving rapidly changing industries by establishing specialized industry platforms that offer sector-concentrated expertise in research, trading, distribution, merchant investing, mergers and acquisitions, and capital-raising.

We have the capacity to react quickly to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace, and we are known for our ability to successfully complete even the most challenging transactions, often utilizing innovative structures. The ability to do this stems from FBR’s highly effective distribution capability. We believe our brokerage professionals – one of the most knowledgeable sales teams in the industry – are distinguished by their in-depth understanding of the companies and industries on which we focus. Many of our institutional clients have been long-standing investors in transactions that we have brought to market and have continued to have a close relationship with us as they have grown in size and assets under management.


Corporate Timeline